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Data analysis
for every audit

TeamMate Analytics, powered by TopCAATs is a collection of over 150 tools, specifically for auditors and accountants.

It runs on top of Excel, which most auditors use every single day, and has been designed with ease of use at it’s core. Unlike other CAATs software, TeamMate Analytics provides auditors of all IT skill levels with access to powerful data analysis tools, without needing weeks of training.

TeamMate Analytics is used by external auditors, internal auditors, fraud examiners, finance managers and accountants. Our users range from single internal auditors, all the way up to FTSE100 companies, and from solo auditors right up to Big 4 firms in over 70 countries worldwide.

Join more than 60,000 auditors using TeamMate Analytics, and find out what it can do for you.


How to avoid making costly mistakes when evaluating CAATs

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Take your auditing to the next level with huge benefits

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Create Opportunities

TeamMate Analytics allows you to perform work that could not be accomplished any other way, enabling you to expand the services you can provide.

Save Time

TeamMate Analytics saves a considerable amount of time, often 20 hours per user each month, by enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively.

Add Value

TeamMate Analytics provides a deeper insight into underlying records, uncovering additional items of interest, adding value to the work you’re already doing.

Reduce Risk

Using TeamMate Analytics reduces the risk of missing material misstatements, and reduces the opportunity for your team to make mistakes.

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